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Internet-shop of clothes "Factory. Our clothes" offers cooperation to manufacturers and sellers of clothes. In addition to the online resource we have a chain of knitted clothing stores and many partners throughout Ukraine.

Therefore, we offer both our products for sale on different conditions and a platform for placing your goods. 

All conditions of mutually beneficial cooperation are presented on the page Cooperation.

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Online clothing store «Fabrika. Nash odyag»

TM «Fabrika Nash odyag»  is a modern Ukrainian brand, a popular brand of clothes and underwear.

A brand dates back to 1947 year. Our history is the daily moments of life of many and many people - our employees, our customers.

We have something to be proud of. We have extensive experience in sewing products for countries such as Germany, France, Italy. Our products are sewn on the most modern equipment, product quality is controlled at all stages of production, our designers visit the most prestigious exhibitions.

Our stores are in Melitopol, Zaporozhye, Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, Lviv. More than 70,000 customers are members of our loyalty program, and there are more people each day. We are working to ensure that more and more well-dressed people become in Ukraine every day.

Beautiful is not always very expensive. The main thing in our brand is style and soul. The style of our life, the style of our work. And the soul settled in the simple, understandable and necessary things for everyone that we create. Creativity and love for the "Fabrika" is what unites us!

Today "Fabrika" offers:

  • WOMEN - modern, comfortable casual clothes, clothes for sleeping and outdoor activities, comfortable underwear;
  • CHILDREN - casual clothes of different age categories, underwear, comfortable pajamas;
  • MEN - T-shirts, pants, underwear.

The range is constantly expanding and updated.